Coronavirus Update @ Grind and Groove Records

** Coronavirus Update **

Further to the update this evening from the government Grind and Groove Records, Keighley, feel most comfortable to operate a "controlled entry policy" in order to best keep ourselves and yourselves safe during these unprecedented times.


This will ensure that the shop does not become crowded and we can maintain adequate social distancing. Think of it as a personal 1 - 2 -1 shopping experience - you know Gareth will always find what you need

You are welcome to message, text or call ahead of your visit to ensure a swift and well- timed entry into the shop.


In the words of Boris - Let us make ourselves clear....The shop is not closing during these times.

We have implemented a cleaning policy within the shop and will request you sanitise your hands before entry - we can provide this, or just bring your own

We will kindly request that if you do exhibit symptoms that you respect the will of the government and ourselves as an independent retailer, and adhere to the 14 day self isolation advise. Afterall - as a independent self employed entity, there is no statutory sick pay for us - and even if there was it would not cover the bills.


That being said - please do stock up on vinyl. If you do have to self isolate then you need some class music to get you through!!


*** Please support us during this period of uncertainty. We will accept payment over the phone and by paypal and post your vinyl to you ***


We will still take pre-orders for new vinyl - so hit us with your requests.

We have excellent stocks of vintage vinyl.

We have turntables amps and speakers.

Together we can come through this, but only if we support and respect each other.


Thank you
Gareth and Kerry

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