We got out out to see GOO (WHO ARE GOO) - debut headline act. Keighley exchange 07.05.22


Goo, are new 4 piece band to Keighley, however, their members are not new to the music scene. Hailing from multiple other bands, these talented individuals have formed a “super band” in the name of GOO! Short for Good? Not likely, try amazing!! Lead singer Tanisha brings a punky but folkey feel to the lineup. She already has a group called FELKA. Drummer Kurt is an amazing music producer, with his own recording studio, he is the Dave Grohl of the group, singing, drummer, guitarist, you name it. Check out SOUNDS OF SWAMI, FOXES FAUX and FLEA MARKET.  Sam - with his wild flame hair is not a sight to be missed (although right now I dont know his musical history, sorry Sam!!) And bassist Kieron, who was announced is moving to another part of the country last night. All in all, an amazing listen, engaging and humble, mega talented group of 4 of the nicest people you would hope to meet.



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