CLICK HERE -->LOVE RECORD STORES PRICE LIST   ** prices still could change in the event of any supplier increases

This is Grind and Grooves 2ND YEAR of LOVE RECORD STORE (DAY). 

Last year it was an online event only - this year it is a physical event on 04.09.21 at 9am.

  • We can take your wish list and order according to this, but we cannot reserve stock.
  • We do not expect to order every single title. 
  • NOTE - some titles will not be available on the day itself - take a note of the release date.
  • Price list is now available - we try price match with other local stores. There are not massive mark ups to be made by us - prices given to us by the record labels sometimes mean prices seem a bit higher than they should be.
  • Email us or comment on our facebook posts and let us know what you would like on that day. Our ordering deadline is SUPER TIGHT this year - with titles to be ordered by Monday 9th August!!
  • Any unsold titles will be offered online, the same day at 9pm.